Feedback: Seeing Voice
The Seven-Tone Color Spectrum

in collaboration with the Center for Experimental Lectures

Recess on Grand St., NYC
March 15 & 16, 2013

Press Release (excerpt):

Christine Sun Kim, in collaboration with the Center for Experimental Lectures, will initiate a conversation led by seven presenters, all of whom will give a lecture without using audible voice. This is the final event in Feedback, Sun Kim’s six-part Session at Recess ... Isaac Newton’s alignment of the color wheel and the octave will serve as a point of departure for conversations that do not privilege audible voice. Each of the seven presenters is assigned a particular color/note.

Videos edited by CEL, click here.

Special thanks to Eugene Gladun, Virginia Shou, Tara Themis, Recess Activities, Center for Experimental Lectures, and Newtonian lecturers!

Feedback: Series Finale
Recess on Flickr
REH Gordon
Center for Experimental Lectures
R.E.H. Gordon (introduction)
Christine Sun Kim (green)
Tom Finkelpearl & Eugenie Tsai (indigo)
Corrine Fitzpatrick (blue)
Stephen Lichty (violet)
R. Lyon (red)
Jesse Prinz (orange)
Marc Handelman (yellow)