Piano Within Piano Like a Lunch Sandwich
with Game of Skill 1.0

White Space
Chaoyang District
Beijing, China
June 13 - July 30, 2015

Press Release:

By using the sense of movement and physically expressive grammar of American Sign Language, combined with basic musical notation, the artist creates a humorous and poetic expression of her experience of sound. For example, in an eponymously named piece, Kim takes musical notations for decrescendo (piano and pianissimo) and, using the principles of word-building, achieves an astonishing similarity to the concept of sound and whose visual form resembles rather playfully that of sandwich.

The sound installation “Game of Skill”, she invites audiences to listen to a recording of a text she wrote regarding the future, though the customized handheld listening device makes hearing difficult; her hope is that this intentionally difficult listening experience will lead each individual to be aware of the passivity implicit in this everyday behavior.

Photos by Yang Chao Photography Studio.

Special thanks to Lisa Reynolds, Xiao Bai, Xiao Mo, Qin Jun, Zhi Jin, Gloria Chiang, Xu Jian, Levy Lorenzo, Li Sha, Zhang Di and Tian Yuan!

White Space

piano within piano11x15in, charcoal on paper, january 2015
too possessive for score11x15in, charcoal on paper, january 2015
a clean clear future1x1.25m, dry pastel and pencil on paper, june 2015
when a future trips and falls1x1.25m, dry pastel and pencil on paper, june 2015
overly ambitious futures (large)1.5x4m, Oil pastel and oil bar on rice paper, june 2015
exhibition view
exhibition view
game of skillbuilt by electronic instrument designer levy lorenzo