Rustle Tustle

Carroll Fletcher Gallery
56-57 Eastcastle St, London
November 27 2015 - 30 January 2016

Press Release:

Christine Sun Kim will make her debut in the UK with an ambitious exhibition probing the social and political realities ingrained in the use of voices - hers as well as others’. In Rustle Tustle, the Berlin-based artist, who was born deaf, invites viewers to expand their understanding of what sound is and can be, undermining the all-prevailing “sound etiquette” set by hearing culture.

Video by Laura Bushell.

Special thanks to everyone at Carroll Fletcher!

Face Opera: Thumbs Up performers: Brian Duffy, Ace Mahbaz, Erika Jones, David Sands, Sophie Stone, Christopher Tester
Game of Skill voiced by: Beth Staehle
Game of Skill technician: Levy Lorenzo
Close Readings captioners, left to right: Jeffrey Mansfield, Ariel Baker-Gibbs, Alison O’Daniel, Lauren Ridloff

rustle tustle