Courtier as Courier
Voiceless Lecture with Babycastles

Drifter Projects
481 Broadway, NYC
March 11-14, 2013

Press Release (excerpt):

Multidimensional arts initiative Drifter Projects is pleased to announce its inaugural installment Astronomical Ring, a temporary exhibition ... featuring works by Babycastles, Mark Borthwick, Ian Lawrence Campbell, Christine Sun Kim, Antonia Kuo, Carlos Charlie Perez, Richard Phillips, PHYLUM with Daniel Leyva, Myfanwy Shepherd, and Andrew Sutherland. ... Founded by Jordan Robin and Veronica Torres, Drifter Projects is an organization that seeks to provide an open and evolving platform for the exhibition of contemporary art. Drifter seeks to provide an open and ever-evolving platform for sharing contemporary works in a society where new media and technology breed dynamic fluctuations in tradition.

Photos by Dan McMahon, courtesy of Drifter Projects.
Footage by Andrew Chugg.

Special thanks to Johnny Andrew, Christopher Tester, Andrew Chugg, Dan McMahon, Babycastles (Kunal Gupta and Syed Salahuddin), Jordan Robin, and Veronica Torres!

Drifter Projects
Dan McMahon
Andrew Chugg