Subjective Loudness

Sound Live Tokyo
Ueno Park Outdoor Stage
Tokyo, Japan
October 5, 2013

My letter excerpt to the audience:

... instead of resisting or subverting Ueno’s sound etiquette [sound limitation rule, no louder than 85 dB], together we will attempt to convert the list [of 85 dB noises] into a score; as part of my practice, I will depend on audience participation as my platform, instead of using the actual stage.

Photos by Masahide Ando.

Special thanks to Hiromi Maruoka, Tomoyuki Arai, Yutaka Endo, Yuji Tsutsumida, Hikari Mutaguchi, Megumi Yamashita, Natsuko Shimotani, Yasuko Hasegawa, Sawako Nakayasu, Hiroyuki Nakashima, Tomoko Inoue, Masahide Ando, and the supporters of Sound Live Tokyo!

Sound Live Tokyo 2013