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Art and Body: See Me Hear
Plug In ICA
Winnipeg, Canada
October 2013

Press Release excerpt:

Deaf from birth, artist Christine Sun-Kim (US) has established her own voice through experimentation with sound art. Her early works focused on translation from the sonic to the visual, but before long she began to explore the politics of sound itself, reflecting on her own experience of reading and learning sound etiquette by mirroring other people's actions and reactions. Performance is the newest form with which she raises questions on the ownership of sound as well as sound and oral languages as social currency ... Kim will present an hour-long performance utilizing a set of piano wires and transducers, with an invitation to voluntary participants.

Photos by Robert Szkolnicki.

Special thanks to Janet Adamana, Aston Coles, Spencer Marr, Jonathan Dueck, Chloe Chafe, Christian Jordan Lontajo, Janique Vigier, Heather Laser, Mary Reid, Denise Kahler, Marie LeBlanc, Robert Szkolnicki, Crys Cole, and Susan Lamberd!

Art and Body
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