4 x 4

Andquestionmark, Stockholm, Sweden
16 January 2015
Curated by Stefanie Hessler

Press Release:

A song is played, you can feel it, but it’s not really there. It could be the artist’s voice, or someone else’s in disguise. Any attempt of speaking is sucked up and absorbed by the surroundings. The inaudible sound is leaking through the building, too big to be detained in the space. The silence is physical, permeating the rooms, the objects, the bodies. It becomes the sound.

Christine Sun Kim often creates works in order to make noise perceivable visually, physically or conceptually, as well as asking others to lend her their voices. For Andquestionmark, Kim specifically conceived the piece “4×4”, consisting of four speakers and four voices, which can only be experienced in the space for one night.

Contributors: Bob Cohn (entrepreneur), Tony Conrad (artist), Jeffrey Mansfield (designer), Matana Roberts (musician)


Photos and footage by Sara Linderoth