Bounce House Tokyo

Sound Live Tokyo, SuperDeluxe, Japan
15 November 2015

Press Release:

Bounce House is a project by Christine Sun Kim, a sound artist who multilaterally approaches sound and aural language as “social currency,” and attempts to criticize and unlearn the established concepts of sound (premiered at Fusebox Festival, Austin, in April 2015 in collaboration with the Visual Arts Center at the University of Texas and the Church of the Friendly Ghost). It is a dance party with sounds below 20Hz, which are generally said to be inaudible and are typically filtered out of CD and mainstream recording/broadcasting media.

Contributors: 34423 (Miyoshi Fumi), Katsuhiro Chiba, edIT, Matt Karmil, kyoka, Ah-Reum Lee, nanonum, NOEL-KIT, Nyolfen, Phasma, Marina Rosenfeld, hiromi sunaga, James Talambas and TOKiMONSTA.

Arban Interview (Japanese only)

*Video to come shortly
Photos by 2015 Hideto Maezawa & Clubberia