Close Readings

Carroll Fletcher Gallery, London
27 November 27 2015 - 30 January 2016

Galleria Zero + Futurdome, Milan
8 April - 14 May 2016

I compiled a selection of film clips that resonate with the concept of voice, and invited four deaf friends to provide sound captions of what they feel could be added to the films. For non-hearing audiences, in much the same way that spoken conversation is mediated by sign language interpreters, the experience of watching a film is largely dependent on the way in which it is captioned. The multidimensionality of sound, or many layered sounds, are often reduced to brief captions. The captioner chooses which sounds to reference and which to leave out. In Close Readings, the sound captions range from literal to conceptual, imagined or even poetic.

4-channel video, 25:53 min
Close Readings captioners, left to right:
Jeffrey Mansfield, Ariel Baker-Gibbs, Alison O’Daniel, Lauren Ridloff
DIS Interview

Photos by Carroll / Fletcher, Galleria Zero and Courtesy the Artist