Nap Disturbance

Live, Frieze London
Carroll / Fletcher Gallery
6 - 9 October 2016

Whenever I’m at home and someone is asleep, I am expected to be quiet and that makes my “quiet noises” very “loud”. When that person is awake, my “quiet noises” become “quieter” all of a sudden. For Frieze, I produced a score of sounds I am conscious of; these specific sounds range from polite to not-so-polite. They were then conveyed by a group of performers making sounds with controlled/choreographed movements while utilizing domestic items. For example, each performer would tip-toe just quietly enough to be considered “polite” and gradually stomp louder and louder, registering it as “impolite”.

Performers: Stephen Collins, Brian Duffy, Vilma Jackson, Ace Mahbaz, Ruth Montgomery & Lucas Odahara

*Videos to come shortly
Photos Courtesy the Artist