The Museum of Modern Art, NYC
Curated by Barbara London and Leora Morinis
10 August - 3 November 2013

Press Release:

MoMA's first major exhibition of sound art presents work by 16 of the most innovative contemporary artists working with sound.

In her series Scores and Transcripts, Kim combines and transforms the various types of notation that shape her understanding and communication ... these grammars and languages rub up against each other, allowing for the examination of their similarities and differences and shifting her personal relationship to them.

When Not Concentrated audio for MoMA site, in collaboration with Thomas Mader:
"This work is a re-enactment of the unconscious sound I make while concentrating ... Because it is impossible to fully replicate the circumstances in which I would normally make this unconscious noise, my re-enactment easily becomes a misinterpretation of my own voice."

Charcoal and Pen on Paper
97.8 x 127 x 0.3 cm (38 1/2 x 50 x 1/8in)

Photos by Erica Leone