spoken on my behalf

6 March 2019
Commissioned by Brown Arts Initiative at Brown University
Granoff Center for the Creative Arts, Providence RI

13 February 2020
Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design
University of Toronto, CA

Three channel video, 43:18
Text, images, and sound files
9 voices: Denise Kahler-Braaten, Kay Kim, Ivan Kim, Kun Liang, Thomas Mader, Youka Snell, Beth Staehle, Christopher Tester, Jennifer Joy Vold
342 captions

For most of my life, I have been "spoken" or "voiced" by people on my behalf, sometimes involuntarily. As a Deaf person, voices come in many forms and are mostly functional: platforms, benefits, privileges, identities and hierarchies. In order to work with voices, there is a great deal of trust and collaboration involved to make my voices accurately represented. Text, images and sound files will be presented during the performance.

UT photos by Harry Choi