The Sound of Non-Sounds

“The World is Sound” Group Exhibition
Curated by Risha Lee
The Rubin Museum of Art, NYC
16 June 2017 - 4 January 2018

Sound captions in movies, on television and on the Internet often aim at translating what can be perceived by ears. I thought a lot about how text can be used to alter a deaf or hearing person’s listening experience. Listening is an experience involving more than sound, but rather a variety of different sensory and emotional responses beyond the sonic properties of the script itself. In my practice, I typically employ musical dynamics like forte and piano to indicate the quietness and loudness of sound. With this series “The Sound of …” I am treating those symbols as though they were musical notes, while changing the power dynamics between actual musical notes and the symbols that define and govern them.

Charcoal on Paper
1.25x1.25m, 125x125cm (49.25x49.25in)
Video by Bility

Photos by Rubin Museum and David de Armas