z and be seen

Goethe Pop Up Minneapolis
Goethe in the Skyways
Minneapolis, MN
17–31 May 2019

Room banner in the skywalks: 8x25 feet (sketch: 24x75cm)
Digital billboard: 400x1400p (sketch: 20x70cm)

American Sign Language (ASL) has several writing systems but none of them are considered an official equivalent to written English. When it comes to text, there are some concepts in ASL that rely on loan words such as “True Business”, colloquially referred to as “True Biz”. It functions as an act of making something official or establishing something as a fact. This billboard/banner project directly translates to “You true biz”, meaning “You exist and we see you.” When fingerspelling Z in ASL, you use your index finger to draw a z, in this case a capital Z, which adds a sense of emphasis and urgency.

2019 Wiley Hoard and Goethe Pop Up Minneapolis