Chromatic Re(chord)

CineDeaf Festival
Roma, Italy
May 5, 2012

Press Release:

Chroma has an interpretation by both sight and sound. It has origin from the Greek "chroma" meaning color and in music it indicates a scale of semitones. Hence, notes of all colors.

Christine Sun Kim will open with a brief performance that consists of small experiments between amplified sounds and wet materials. For the second segment, she will share and describe her process of composing scores, including a workshop where the audience will have the opportunity to draw motion arrows based on sign language and record imprints with microphones and speakers.

Special thanks to Francine Kass, Stefano Pacifico, Matteo Palma, Cine Deaf organizers, and Embassy of USA. Especially Francesco D’Amico, Elena Danesin, Francesca Di Meo, Kate Groves, Martina Lembo, Chiara Lucia Conte, Matteo Portelli, Virginia Shou, Vincenzo Speranza, and Massimo Vattani.